Professeur of Economics at the université Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint Denis (France)
Researcher at the Laboratoire d'économie Dyonisien (LED)
Co-director of the research axis Socio-fiscal policies of the LIEPP, Sciences Po
Researcher at the Chaire en fiscalité et finances publiques, Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)

My reseach focuses on applied public economics, in particular the use of fiscal tools not for the purpose of leveraging resources but in that of directly implementing public policies. It aims at analyzing and understanding these policies: the specific economic consequences given the institutional context in which they operate; their impact in terms of modifying this context - placing specific policies in the context of the overall socio-economic strategy of the welfare state.

My methodological approach revolves around empirical analyzes, mainly assessement of public policies' impact through econometric methodologies such as natural experiments. I extend the understanding through theoretical analyzes - not into a particular literature but seeking to collect and compare the arguments from different paradigms or different disciplines (economics, sociology, political science) - in order to understand and identify the potential effects that can be expected from the policies studied.

The promotion of my research uses several supports: articles in peer-reviewed journals; interdisciplinary academic books, evaluation reports for public institutions. The dissemination of knowledge also involves the publication of books aimed at the general public, summary notes (policy briefs), media participation, interviews and forums. In addition, I am regularly interviewed as an expert in various public institutions such as the National Assembly, the Senate, the Court of Auditors, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) or the General Commission for Strategy and foresight (France Strategy).